Friday, July 24, 2009

Agenda @ Huntington Beach Hyatt

Didnt get to take much picture over at the Agenda show (July 22-23)... But I got some snaps of the amazing Alpinestars display at the entrance.  Mark Arcenal(Fatlace) had his newly finished Rukus done by Brandon at Bowls.  Also on display was a Ducati Desmosedici RR!  And what looks like to be Casey Stoners(2007 world champ) Suit.  
Alpinestars NEVER lacks in details... As you can see here they even went about using a Beta tool box.  If you were at Agenda, you probably seen or heard of the insane pieces Alyasha (Stack-Aly) did with Alpinestars... The talk of the town!
I'm still blown away that Alpinestars used my motorcycle in their booth.  While I was racing motorcycles in my teens, I could have only dreamt of owning anything Alpinestars... Always been a huge fan.  
Also on display  in their booth was Sal Barbiers (SLB) racing suit.   Really cool that hes going out to the dry lakes and running his 53 Ford.

Its really neat to see companies like Alpinestars do refreshing things.  Probably no one else could pull off what they are doing since the company has such a rich motorsport/apparel history.  Been around since 1963.  Outfitting some of the most famous racing legends.

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DT said...

Woah, you built that. Sweet Lendo. Build me one but with a '87 Honda Elite motor as that's more my speed.