Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where is Murder City?

... Got to see one of my favorite bands, the Murder City Devils this week. On Monday(2/26) at the glasshouse in Pomona and Wednesday(2/18) at the Fonda in Hollywood.  It was an amazing reunion show and I hope they tour again.  Heres a video... Not sure if its one of the night I was there...  Spencer Moody wore that sweater all 3 So-cal shows.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spaced Out...

So to get the 19" rim to fit in the back wasn't as easy as i thought it was gonna be. I had to make some bolt whole spacers/washers and also a hub spacer to push the sprocket away from the rim to get the correct alignment for the chain. It was kind of a headache but came out pretty cool.
This is the chunk of aluminum after a while of turning. That blue can kept me going.
Finally finished, The bolt hole spacer/washers and the sprocket spacer. The spacer is centered to the hub of the rim and on the other side to the sprocket, Some grade 8 bolts and we should be good to go.


3 styles later i ended up with these. i am not sure it fits the look of the bike but its what im gonna use. the pieces that fit over the fork tubes were took for ever to machine, i think its time for new cutting bits. the bars are made out of 1" 120 wall dom.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pictures of a thousand words

A few weeks ago I was introduced as a fabricator to a tattoo artist /hot rod guy.  As I dont look like the typical California metal fabricator... He tried to test me.  He said he built all these rad  1920's-1930s cars. Then he asked where, what and who I worked with. Since he was super "hot rod"  I Just told him I had worked at Metalcrafters last year while doing projects with Chip Foose and Mike Alexander of the Alexander bros.  Well, since he wouldn't know or care if i told him about the drift or time attack cars I've built. Of course he thought I was pulling his leg.  I laughed and said I got nothing to prove to him nor anyone.  Maybe next time I wont forget the Layrite pomade or whatever "hotrodders" use. I didn't build any of the cars to follow... However I did have the honor to work with them on other projects.
Line up of legends. Foose P-32 Lincoln, Mike Alexander jr's Camaro and the Alexander Bros. Barracuda.  Two of which are in the Hot Rod Hall of Fame.
Yeah, Lincoln Flathead V12
This car was originally built in 1966 as a Demo car for Plymouth/Chrysler.  It was recently restored at Metalcrafters.

Like i said, legends.  

Thursday, February 5, 2009

WRC Spec

Here is one of the Time attack/Superlap Battle cars we're building at Designcraft.  This car (2009 STi)  will be competing in the street and limited classes.  The client ordered a Pro Drive dry carbon WRC spoiler.  Since this is meant for a race car,  the mount for it goes through the rear glass... Or poly carbonate. This car will be competing in street class so the use of polycarbonate windows is illegal... And we couldn't drill the tempered glass  Heres how we did the mounts.  Hand shaped .063" aluminum.  

Some pictures of the rollcage. Again Street class, thus the full interior.