Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Karlson Tea Party 2010

Saturday was the Karlson Tea Party in Costa Mesa. Went to see a few friends and support their work. Since I was busy talking story I didnt get to take much pictures... But I did get a few of some of the bikes.

Adam Wright from Road Course had a neat display as well as Scott Pommier

Friday, September 24, 2010

Troy Lees Moto Lab

1st annual Moto Lab... At the Lab.
It was trippy seeing all these bikes posted up all over the mall... Or anti-mall as they call it

Danny and I also went to the annual El Camino Cycle swapmeet and show.
Usually dont care for BMWs but I really liked this one.
never get sick of these things
This ones for Jensen!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Japanese Classics

Last Saturday was the annual Japanese classic car show. Good to have it back at the Queen Mary in Long beach. Nice weather and a good vibe.
Motul oil brought out some neat BRE datsuns. Racing legend John Morton was there as well.
Moon has this Crown for sale.

Love these 411s ... One day.
Wild Zero!
More old race cars...
Mark Fatlace had his Hakosuka on display... Later drove it back to the bay area.
A few old Skylines there
This Kenmeri was stashed in the parking lot. Had a good feel to it.
This Toyota Crown was pretty tuff

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hawaii trippy

Flew back to Hawaii to help judge a car show. Stayed for a few extra days to hang out with family and friends of course. Heres what we did in short.
The winner. Pretty much had it picked out early on... Wish i took pictures of the engine.
Thanks for the board Mike

Pretty much surfed everyday... I need the practice

Koko head shooting range
Kaena Point !

Some swag I got from Jensen. Its his new gig HRD LCK. For everyday people enjoying their everyday lives... Sometimes life is tough. Hard luck
Thanks bully