Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last months Corsa Moto Classica

So these are from last months AHRMA race at Big Willow(Corsa Moto Classica). A bit late but  I found more pictures in my camera.  Again, good racing and good friends.  

Fast Eddie and Goose (The So-Sos)  watching the start line.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Super lap Battle

Last weekend was Super Lap at Big Willow.  Kind of a weird race since it was latched onto a bunch of other NASA race series.   We were out there in support of Tyler Mcquarrie (BC racing, Cwest, Designcraft S2000) and Dusty Nabor (101 pipe & casing, NNI racing STi).  This race was mainly a test day for the upcoming Redline Time attack this weekend.
Tyler and the S2000 got fast lap of the weekend breaking the track record.  

We got Dusty's car dialed in too. This car should kill it this year.
At these NASA events you'll find a variety of all sorts of shit.  

Thursday, May 14, 2009

One out of three

Actually made to 1 of the three things I set out to do last weekend.  But added a few to make it just as rad or more.
 Saturday night Michelle and I went to Speedway Spring classic in Costa Mesa.  Got there a bit late and my camera (or me)  takes the worst action pictures at night ever.   Good racing, sidecars, and kids tearing shit up made up for an awesome night. Enjoy the blurry pictures.

Woke up early on Sunday to meet up with Vintage honda motorcycle god, Bill Silver.  Picked up some of his restoration and everything about CB77 Superhawk books and a bunch of rare parts for my project.  He also gave me a break down on my own CB77.  Apparently the Colorway/Year/Engine type is rare...  Great to know since I had already stripped it down and sand blasted the frame.  
Anyways, since i was in San diego, I went to see Alyasha and Jay in downtown.  Jay had extra tickets to the Redbull air race but instead, Aly and I tried to get some brakes on his bicycle.  
We went to Ace hardware and made up some mounts for the calipers.  Jay came back to give us the tutorial on those things.
Also got some time in to work on the CB77.  Frame almost ready for the powder coat.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy weekend

Hopefully I'll get to check out one of these... Or more.  

Friday, May 1, 2009

Big Smoke!

Today was Qualifying for Round 1 of D1 Grand Prix USA.  Gary and I helped out a good friend and co-worker of ours Ben Schwartz "Big Smoke" with track support.  Kind of a coming out of retirement for him since its been his first time driving since 2007.  To me, he has one of the best styles of driving.  Just look at these old pictures. Super fast, riding up on the wall and smoke fury.  Hopefully he'll be driving more this year.  Didn't get to take any pictures today since we were trying to get his car dialed in.  

Thanks to Sparco, Designcraft, Thin air concepts, Cwest, Apexi, AEM and Okada Projects