Monday, April 26, 2010

Random 1960s

Found some old pictures in my hard drive. All pictures featuring 1960s Honda motorcycles.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Corsa Moto Classica 2010... Bust

I thought 2010 was the year I'd finally race in the Corsa Moto Classica... Nope. Yet another year I missed it. Not enough time to prep the bike. Still, it was great to watch and talk with some of the vintage race gurus.
Love this Aermacchi
This CB160 paint was rad. Reminded me of a recent project I just completed.
This this was insane! Triple motor 2 stroke?? Drag bike I guess?
CB160 class is always fun to watch. Super close racing and a Le Mans style start!

So I guess the goal is 2011?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


8 years in California for me. The Long Beach Grand Prix pretty much is an anniversary. Always a good time hanging with friends and BBQing. Heres some pictures from Fridays practice and Saturdays ALMS race.

LMPs interest me way more than Indy cars... As you can see

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long Beach Formula D

Made a quick trip to Formula D in Long Beach on Friday. Just for qualifying... The main event on Saturday gets to crowded. It was fun for a little bit. Drifting is getting way too corporate for its own good... And most cars are getting uglier and uglier. Grumble grumble grumble...
Ross 's Bike... Radical. Seriously Boso. Coolest thing there for sure
Apexi FD3S. Jensen and I built this car sometime in 2003. Same year we won the D1 Japan Championship. Great to see it still running well. Chuck and Keith did an awesome job updating it.
Corporate guys watch out... This guy and his crew are gunning for you. 90% of the cars/drivers dont deserve 1 point judged for style... Matt, Tommy and crew are the other 10% that gets 10.
His S14 looks like a shoe Methamphibian did somewhere around 2005.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Early days of motocross

Last night i got an invite to the Early days of motocross museum from Alan over at Sparco. His co worker Michaels Family host/runs the show. A humbling story goes with the creation of this museum... And a ton of hard work. If you have a minute check out their site. There was way too much neat shit there.

This AMF harley had the most unusual rear shock set up. I have never seen anything like it
This Huqvuarna had 1 of 10 500cc twin engines. This engine won Husquarvna a lot of races.

This Suzuki was the first production Japanese motocross bike sold in the USA.

A lot of really cool jerseys, pants, boots.... pretty much everything

A huge thank you to the White family for having us!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

No big deal

Only a 1000+ horsepower GTR at the shop. Belongs to our good friend Mike of D-sport magazine. Mike always helped me out a lot so its good to return the favor by doing the updates to his rollcage.
Gary helping the Sakiokas with their Lotus Elise Cup car.
Pictures do these cars no justice. It looks insane seeing either of these cars on the road.