Thursday, April 16, 2009

Widdling wood

Since i can remember, both of my parents have been amazing at building things.  House extensions, furniture, etc... Whatever it was, they had it covered.  Luckily as a kid, they got me Legos  to possibly carry on some technique.  
In the 8th grade i had Wood shop/Industrial arts.  It was the first time using industrial size machines.  I loved it.  Our main project was to build Co2 cartridge race cars.  They were made of wood with a hole in the back for the cartridge.  Probably the best school projects ever... Especially since we raced them at the end of the year.  
Using the skills learned from life, here is the buck/template for the seat/tail section I'm building.  It'll probably be made of .063" and .090"  3003 Aluminum.

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