Sunday, January 18, 2009

Full Bore

As I was working on the gas tank, I began to think about what filler cap to use.  When I was doing R&D for a company I used to work for, I came across Full Bore racing.  At first, I actually was interested in their 1/4 turn hex head fasteners.  After going through their site, I found out they sold gas/filler caps and other cool stuff.  So last weekend I went over to pick up a fill cap.  Clean shop with a lot of cool stuff to look at.  I was nice of them to give me a racer discount even though I haven't raced in years.  Possibly going to use one of these on the gas tank... Still keeping an eye out for others though.  
The owner Roy, is a racer himself as he is in the 200mph club. 

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