Thursday, January 22, 2009

Archives.... '06??

Still working on the gas tank but in the back of my head, I'm thinking about what comes next... The seat pan/tail section.  Back in '06 Our friend Eddie had a grand opening party/show at his store.  Alyasha and I decided to do a joint project for the show.  We agreed to do a 60's GP bike/Cafe race tail section to our liking.  I did the metal work and Aly did the upholstery and paint.  
Made from flat sheets of .063 3003, One shot paint, 100 mph tape(Mil-spec duct tape) and a Fiberops bag.
Its a good thing Aly did the painting. It hid a lot of the rough metal working... Although we did want the raw unfinished look.

This is the shirt that started it all!  Million thanks goes out to Aly and Fiberops!

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