Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Born Free 3

Ok I failed to take pictures this year. Forgot my camera at home, My phone was low on battery and I had no sleep the night prior. Excuses, excuses. Held at Oak Canyon ranch in Silverado, the setting was perfect for a bike show. The show just gets bigger and bigger every year. Theres going to be a ton of show coverage on the Born Free blog in a few. Sit tight. I think they need to gather themselves after all their hard work .
Falcon had their 3 completed bikes out of the 10 they are going to construct.
Caleb Owens wins the invitational build. This picture doesnt do this bike justice. It truly is outstanding.
We ended up getting Best Cafe racer. Couldn't be more thankful. Ill post some pictures later of the build process.
2010 Best Original and this years Best Cafe racer
Got to catch up with Kyle from Death Machine. Thanks for the product and great seeing you.
Speed merchant is Brawny's new venture along with Dan and Mark. Some of the best quality parts I've seen. I mean with those guys doing the R&D and design, you cant expect any less.

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