Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Origami... Folding table

Not exactly Origami, but half the meaning... Ori = folding.
I was kind of jonesing to build something fun, functional and aesthetically pleasing (to me). This is what i ended up with. Made this one for Michelle. My take on the folding leg tables my grand parents and parents had growing up.
Materials include- Butchers block, golden oak, aluminum and stainless steel.
Each hinge was hand machined aluminum and stainless steel hardware was used.
A spring and ball bearing locking mechanism helps lock the legs in both open and closed positions.

In its closed state, it can be stored under the bed, vertically between bookshelves... Anywhere I guess.


BCM said...

Very cool.

Len said...

Thanks Kim! Means a lot coming from a insanely talented craftsman like you!

fasteddie said...

Killer Len!!!

SWTCH said...

Dam thats cool and handy!

DT said...

Looking Good Len Diggy! Clean and simple... always the hardest challenge to overcome.

Unknown said...

this table is very cool! i really like it, i was actually wondering if you know there any "ready-made" spring loaded ball bearing parts out in the market or did you have to make it yourself?