Saturday, January 1, 2011

Zen Garage at JANM

Some pictures just minutes before the exhibit opened to the public. Although I carried my camera the whole night, I failed to take pictures of all the great things that happened that night. Eric (Giant Robot) and Shinya and Ayumi (Chabott Engineering) took some really nice pictures and some are posted on their websites. If you havent seen them already please check them out!
I thought the exhibit had a really nice feel to it. Clement at JANM did a great job and work around the clock to make it all happen. Thanks a million Clement!
Shinya Kimuras Spike. I cant say how much detail went into this motorcycle. A true art piece. But, not just art! He races Spike Bonneville and El mirage. Incredible.
I found this really cool. Anyone could draw/write on a chalk board as well as a work bench where you could build/play with building blocks and such.
Shinya 3x! Film on Shinya by Henrick Hansen, Spike and Modeater.

These guys were the last to leave but with good reason! The ended up passing Return of the Quack on their first time playing it!

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