Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Superhawk feature

Last month Nelson, Dustin and Noah came by the shop to shoot the '61 Superhawk for The Horse magazine. Some of you may be wondering "Isnt the Horse a chopper magazine?" Well for the most part I guess... Chopper, bobber, cafe or whatever, I think most of us just like building stuff in general. Pretty fortunate that the guys liked it. I mean there are some really neat bikes with tons of style featured in that magazine.
Well, the magazine should be out or will be out this week. Check it out.

Here are some behind the scenes photos they took during the day.
Besides contributing to Church of Choppers and Chopper Daves, Nelson has Pakajunk Where he writes about good food, good people and occasional dead rats. Aloha in the LBC

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DannO said...

yeah, doin it big!