Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moto GP Laguna Seca

For the last 15-20 years, I have always wanted to watch a Moto GP race. Thanks to Alyasha, Chris and Alpinestars for making that happen... I mean they really made it happen. Paddock passes, pit tours, hospitality suites. The whole 9. Still amazed at the involvement and presence Alpinestars has with their riders and Moto GP and a whole. Their R&D is seriously top notch.
It was a good time with great people.

The legendary Corkscrew.
Mondo showing Adam and Rick a V-twin can rev at 22,000 rpm's
*Chris just corrected me the Ducati GP bikes use V4's.... 22,000. Shit thats still nutso
Randy Mamola giving Mark a ride along... So lucky!
Ducati engineers warming up Casey Stoners bikes
How boss is that?? Alpinestars brings out their seamstress from Italy to repair their team riders suits.
The Alpinestars Hospitality suite. All sorts of good food brought in from Italy
Mid-day pretty beat.... Re-couping and watching the race from the inside. Yeah, we got spoiled
Thanks to Vespa, this was our transportation to and from the track.

The crew

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