Monday, June 14, 2010

Born Free 2

A really good time with a ton of nice bikes. It really had a good vibe going. The guys over at Born Loser MC and Freedom Machine and Accessories put on a spectacular show. I think they captured what they were going for. Job well done.

Dustin won best sportser. Nelson was saying on his way to the show he cracked his handle bars doing a wheelie. Went home welded it back up, put a COC sticker over it and wins. Rad
This guy rode all the way from Sioux city Iowa. The day of the show he goes to start it and blows his tranny. Bummer. Well not so much, he wins best in a category (I forgot which one... best chopper? Shovel?)

And the Best in show winner is....

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danny said...

who won best original?