Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Frank Frazetta RIP

You probably heard the news and know more about him than I do. But Seeing all of his artwork gives me nice sense of nostalgia. I was about 5 when my brother and I were into D&D... well I cant actually claim I was into the game since i didnt really understand how to play it. What really caught my interest was the characters and lead figurines we used to get. If we were lucky my mom would take us to The Legionnaire in Kalihi where we would buy figurines, books and puzzles. The puzzles are how I learned of Frank Frazetta. Not sure if my parents kept the puzzles... A few of them were laminated with resin and framed. But i do know i have a box of lead figurines in my old room in Hawaii. Its funny how i just read that Alyasha had the Death Dealer figurine too. I also had it but when i bought it i thought it was Sauron from lord of the rings. Paint job really horrible.... I was 5 or 6!

to be continued