Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Nostalgia

A few series i followed as a little kid. I think they played a huge part in my life as far as what i find interesting.
This first one is an all time favorite intro. Quentin Tarantino actually used the dialog in Kill bill. Pretty cool that he even went on and used Sonny Chiba (the main actor playing Jubei Yagyu) in his movies.
In in Kage no Gundan -Shadow warriors, Sonny Chiba also acted as Hattori Hanzo. Same basic role as in Kill Bill. Even the commercial lead in was bitchin. I need to get this series from my brother. Trav?

A few post ago I spoke of Kikaida... with a greater liking for Hakaida here is why.
Watch and enjoy, you wont be disappointed

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