Friday, January 29, 2010

Robots and super heroes

My good friend Alan brought this mouse pad back from Hawaii for me. Never noticed it before but Kikaida has an awesome front drum brake set up on his motorbike. Looks like a Suzuki GT750 front drum. But his bike is a Kawasaki triple... Did these bike come with this drum brake??
If you ever have an event in Hawaii where you need people to attend... Call for Kikaida. Seems like he does appearances every month.Weird but rad that he is a household name in Hawaii. Although I thought Hakaida was much cooler.

Found this Kawasaki race bike online. Wonder if this is the same set up as Kikaidas motorcycle.

While on the subject of japanese super heroes. Got to see Eric from Giant Robot last weekend at the Scion art gallery where he had some really fun video work on display. Super genuine dude.

Also, last weekend was two good friends birthdays. Eddie's and Nelson's. Forgot my camera but it was good times at both. Happy birthday guys!

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