Thursday, September 10, 2009


Labor day weekend turned out to be a good one... Even though i had to work on Labor day.  
The guys from In4mation rolled in from Las Vegas on Friday night.  
The next day we had lunch at Roscoes in Long Beach.  Chicken and Waffles with a side of collared greens. Doesnt get much better than that!
Later that night we ended up back in Long beach at the Pike.  Called Macy to come through.  Good to hear hes getting flowed by Alphanumeric now.  Its a good move for both Macy and A#.  Mini Jun Jo? Lets hope so. The world world be a much better place with more Jun Jo's.  
Time to leave and meet up with Alan and Lisa at the bowling alley.  We didnt get to bowl but it was fun watching them anyways. 
Next morning, woke up early to beat the rush at the Westminster park.  Havent woke up that early to skate since 1992.  It was good to roll around again. Miss it tons. 
Ryan got warmed up to the park pretty quick.
After the morning session,  we met up with Nelson and Brandon for some lunch at Riveras in Long beach.  Its been years since They have seen each other.   It was a great time seeing everyone catch up.  
We get home and what does Alan have? A new grill.  Rad! Rhandy gets stoked and wants to Bbq. Next thing we know, we have a mini Luau! 

Weekends like these are priceless.  

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