Friday, August 7, 2009

Burning money

Last weekend we had a little jam session over at El Toro air base.  I think its been a couple of years since I last drifted.  Super rusty.  
Sorry, dont have any action shots...  I was driving. No time to take pictures.  
I needed a few times to get it back...  But after that, tires had no chance!
Tire wore uneven.... There was a long sweeper joining 2 runways. 3rd/4th gear entry into it. 
Speaking of drifting... Imagine doing it on 2 wheels... Never noticed it until now but it looks like this bike is a CB750 four.   

Been lagging on new entries.  Working, paying bills, surfing, riding, driving.  Its summer time... Do something.

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DT said...

SURFING OR SUPPING? Where you been going?