Monday, June 22, 2009

10 years

Last weekend made 10 years since I won the inaugural NHRA / IDRC  west coast national race (Hot Rod/quick 16 class).  Can't believe its been that long.  It being 10 years,  it made me reflect on everything that cars/racing has done for me.  The people i've met, the things i've learned from them and the self discovery of figuring things out mechanically and mentally.  I think I started to learn after high school.  
Since it was the inaugural  race for that series, they didn't issue Wally trophies for the winners.  Not sure if the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) was sure on how involved they would get into the series.  Although NHRA pulled out of the series in 2008, they did issue Wally trophies to all the winners in pro classes since.  I should have... and still should contact NHRA  to see if I could get an re issue of the Wally trophy. During the time I didn't really care about what form the trophy came in... i was just so stoked on winning and NHRA getting involved.  If anyone has a contact over at NHRA, please let me know.  

Funny facts:  It was said that I was the only one who won a pro class and drove the car home that day ( I may be wrong... Just what I was told).  Most cars were race cars which were trailered to and from the race.  
It was a good thing i kept registration on it since spending money on parts and travel to race killed my budget on a trailer.  


paul said...

a decade?! it's dope that you're living the dream Len..!!

fasteddie said...

LEGEND status!

DT said...

Kid Sensation The Burnout King!!!

Was that the race in Palmdale or Las Vegas. Mililanians doing it BIG!